Cool and Best colorful appliances for kitchen.

Best colorful appliances for kitchen

Tired of black and white  appliances? here you will get the Cool and Best colorful appliances for kitchen. Many kitchen appliances come in a variant of black or silver that may give your kitchen a bit of a dull look. Thankfully, now there is a myriad range that comes in assorted colors that can help you break the boring monotony. Not only do they brighten up the space but also lift your spirits as you do your daily chores. Here are 6 colorful appliances to raise the style bar of your kitchen decor.


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Best colorful appliances for kitchen :

A sophistical look with a sapphire refrigerator :

A fridge deserves a special spot for its significance in the kitchen. Convertible refrigerator in Sapphire Mulia adds sophistication and a royal feel to your kitchen. It’s efficient too. You can choose one of the modes to freeze food quickly or turn the freezer into an extra fridge space.

colorful appliances for kitchen

Oil-free air fried snacks :

Wondering how to fry some snacks without using flame and oil? Get your hands on Air fryer; and we suggest getting it in a blue color to add a cool look to the counter. Indulge in some deep-fried delicacies without feeling guilty about it.

Add a hot touch with a metallic kettle :

What could be more appropriate than getting a heating device that is red in color? We have just the right pick for you.  Morphy Richard’s metallic red Flamingo electric kettle will add a sizzling look to your kitchen. What’s more – its spout comes with a filter that allows you to brew green tea as well.
Best colorful appliances for kitchen

So Why Not A Blender :

Start your mornings by making shakes and smoothies by putting healthy greens or fruits in the green Croma blender. Personify your healthy regime with a green blender that will resonate with your fitness goals and diet.
best kitchen appliances

Pick Thunderbolt’s magenta out of the color palette :

Replace the boring white blender with Usha Thunderbolt’s magenta collection. Not only will it camouflage the stains, compared to the white body, but also add a pop to the kitchen; and be as effective for grinding. You can go a step extra and match your tools or kitchen towels with it.

Sprinkle a flair of extravagance with a gold rice cooker

Gold is a color that makes a luxury statement. Give your kitchen that touch of extravagance and elegance with a gold Panasonic rice cooker. Besides cooking rice, it also doubles as a steamer that works for vegetables, momos, and idlis.

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