Realme 3 and Realme 3 Pro Price in India, Launch Date.

Hello, Friend, This is an article about Realme 3 and Realme 3 pro. In this article, we discussed the future and specification of this phone and Realme 3 and Realme 3 pro price in Indian market then we know about the feature about this realme 3 and realme 3 pro phone. if you interested in this phone then continue to reading and explore all thing about Realme 3 and realme 3 pro.

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Feature And Specification and India Price of Realme 3 and Realme 3 pro

Realme 3 Pro Specifications

  • 6.3 inch Full HD Plus Waterdrop/Dewdrop Notch Display
  • Beautiful Glass Back Design.
  • Snapdragon 710 Chipset
  • Android Pie (9.0)
  • 4 GB/6GB/8 GB RAM.
  • 64GB/128GB/256GB Internal memory variants
  • Dual Rear Camera – 20 MP + 8 MP
  • 20MP Front Camera
  • Dual Sim. Additional MicroSD Card Slot (Triple Slot).
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • Type C Fast Charging
  • Dual 4G VOLTE
  • Fingerprint and Face Unlock
  • UI improvements from the OPPO Color OS

Realme 3 Specifications

  • 6.3 inch Full HD Waterdrop Notch Display
  • MediaTek Helio P70 Chipset
  • Android Pie (9.0)
  • 3GB/4 GB RAM.
  • 32GB/64GB Internal memory variants
  • Dual Rear Camera – 16 MP + 5 MP
  • 16MP Front Camera
  • Dual Sim and MicroSD Card Slot (Triple Slot).
  • 3500 to 4000 mAh battery
  • Fingerprint and Face Unlock
  • Dual 4G VOLTE

Some Fully Feature of this Phone.

Realme has really made a solid mark in only 6 to 8 weeks of their launching. Together with Realme inch hitting strong sales at less than 10k budget smartphone then Realme 2 since the temptations of this Realme inch and also hitting on the marketplace at 9k. Then the killer Realme 2 pro together using strong specifications(Snapdragon 660 + 4GB RAM + 64 GB Internal storage) and also a camera which clicks exquisite image at a cost of under 15000 just that abandoned everybody else shouts so that was expected struck a strong sales within the variety of components.

Within the following column, we now have a review of the expected release date of Realme 3 and also Realme 3 Pro at India, the prices of numerous versions, features, and specifications that are anticipated. Leaked specifications and images of Realme 3 and also Realme 3 Pro will likely soon undoubtedly probably be used to keep seeing this distance to acquire the new updates.,” Realme 3 would check out accompany Realme Pro with a Water drop top notch and also a polycarbonate rear and Realme Pro is going to undoubtedly likely probably soon be seen with the Water drop top notch however a glass rear once again to grow its attractiveness. Both of those tablets are all anticipated to incorporate a 6.3-inch screen with Realme 3 using the Complete HD screen and also the 3 Guru Choosing the Entire H D + Resolution. Both displays will soon probably be eloquent and perfect brightness using Realme 3 Pro will probably possess better PPI(Pixels per inch).

To the chip side, there’s the quite large bet that the Realme 3 will comprise the newly established MediaTek Helio P70 that’s definitely an Octa-Core processor and comes equipped with an improved design, AI capacities mostly from the camera, power control, and video communication. In gambling, the Helio P70 delivers a 710 percent boost in performance in contrast to Helio P60 as well as 3-5 percent increase from the power efficacy. Helio P70 will encourage a double camera to 24-MP + 16MP and one camera of 3 2 MP. The Picture Signal Processor (ISP) can also be 30 percent more reliable.

On the flip side, the Realme 3 Guru will be powerful and might be incorporating the Snapdragon 710,” that’s also predicted to be viewed from the Mi A3,” that the Android One set of Xiaomi. Snapdragon 710 strikes an incredible 1,73,000 on the AnTuTu rendering it among the most useful midsize chip and defeats that the Snapdragon 636 and Snapdragon 660 with a massive margin.

Let’s take a examine the short explanation of Realme 3 and also Realme 3 Guru before moving to the additional advice of launching pricing and date.

Realme 3 Camera and Additional Details

Realme 3 will comprise a much better camera across the Realme 2 also it’s expected that the back double camera will probably possess 16 MP along with 5 mp sensor with a front camera having been a 16MP sensor. The camera graphics can improve in quality awarded into the AI capacities of this Helio P70.

Additionally, it is going to have a double sim slot and another slot for microSD for enlarging the storage. We expect that the battery to become paid down by 4230 mAh to a well 3500 to 4000 mAh, this will reduce the cost and weight of their smartphone. However, this change from the battery can impact the usage whilst the chip is a great deal more successful.

Realme 3 Pro Camera, Processor along with other hopes

Realme 3 Pro can also be predicted to outdo the Realme 2 Pro will be plenty of aspects. To the camera expect A20 MP and 8 MP double sensor using massive progress seen from the AI and camera attributes. On front camera, we now all expect one 20MP detector. Needless to say, the camera will probably possess huge advancements and certainly will use the AI improvements and the massive processing ability of this camera. Snapdragon 710 supports 4K HDR video playback as well as QHD+ display resolution. We expect slow-motion, AR decals has gone to on at the Realme 3 Guru.

On the other hand, SD 710 gets got the finest mid-range GPU comprising Adreno 616. On comparing with all the Snapdragon 660 (like in Realme 2 Pro ), the Snapdragon 710 includes 3-5% faster graphics earning capacity and 40 percent decrease in the ability usage. Approximately 15% increase from the program launching period plus 25% faster surfing. In general, if Realme 3 Guru contains this, then it’d be enormous thumbs up from users.

Together side one of your significant upgrades from the camera and the chip we expect that the Realme 3 Pro to ditch the micro USB and include a Type-C port. Additionally, this lets them incorporate support to get fast-charging from your smartphone. Realme 3 Guru might also observe a tiny dip at the battery evaluation into 4000 mAh from the 4230 mAh found over the Realme 2 Pro. The battery copy won’t be changed whilst the Snapdragon 710 will be far more energy efficient compared to the Snapdragon 660.

Over the UI, Realme has depended upon the Oppo color OS that the is not just really a massive fan off, thus we expect Realme to upgrade the user-interface from the color OS and launch fresh and improved features once they turn out with the Realme 3 Guru next calendar year.

We usually do not anticipate the Realme 3 or even also the Realme 3 Pro to comprise some IP rating but the smart-phones from Realme within the second year can visit IP67 or IP68 protection. It might come whenever that the Realme 4 Guru or an entirely new show comprising the flagship SD845 along with IP67/IP68.

There are a number of rumors going about Realme 3 along with 3 Guru 5G support. We think 5G continues to be a way for funding smart-phones and Realme 3 and 3 Pro won’t encourage 5G.

VOOC OrganizingRealme 3 Pro

Realme next phone may possibly likewise contain the Oppo proprietary VOOC charging as had been informed by the tweet out of CEO of Realme,” Mr. Madhav Seth. Realme 3 and also Realme 3 Pro really are likely to become the upcoming phone however as the Realme 3 is one of the cost scopes, the Realme 3 Pro is exceptionally anticipated to comprise it and Realme may possibly be analyzing exactly the exact same because of this.

What Exactly Is VOOC Charging?

It’s actually really just a Flash charging platform that can charge 0 about 75 percent in a mere 30 minutes. When compared with the ordinary charging, the VOOC Charging functions at higher current with a customary evaluation of 5 inches and 4A whereas the Qualcomm QuickCharge Technology functions upping the voltage.

Recent Oppo F9 along with F9 Pro additionally contain the VOOC Charging.

Realme 3 Price At India

Realme 3 is still expected to comprise 3 versions to catch an extensive audience. They’ve already established 4 smart-phones at the previous a few months with each becoming an update and also attempting to appeal to some different budget department. Realme 3 can also be predicted to scale the expectations farther with improved pricing and improved features and specifications discussed previously.

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